Jul 152013

Here’s a bit of a look at some articles I’ve been reading lately.

Why mobile web apps are slow


This is a really detailed look at the benchmark performances of JavaScript on mobile devices and, in particular, mobile applications.  Be warned, it’s a very long but worthwhile read.

Beta release BizTalk Software Factory for BizTalk Server 2013


This is a bit more of a release notification if you’re into Microsoft BizTalk Server.  Filed under ‘must find time to check this out’.

A look at the black underbelly of Windows 8.1 ‘Blue’


Some interesting commentary into some changes under the covers of Windows 8.1.  It’s not quite as severe as the “black underbelly”, but interesting finds anyway.

Homer Simpson’s Perfect Car Comes to Life at 24 Hours of LeMons


this one is a bit OT – but I do have a fondness for early Simpsons…  check out this real version of Homer Simpson’s dream car.

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