Mar 112014

Did you know that Oracle and Java were available on the Windows Azure?  Well, it’s true and the images have been available for some time now as previews in the Azure Virtual Machine gallery. If you’ve invested into Oracle/Java on Azure, you’ll need to be prepared for increased usage charges as they go into “general [...]

Mar 052014
Update: Entity Framework Generic Data Access

Introduction Hello and apologies for the long delay between articles, I am now returning to the Entity framework.  Following on from the previous article (Entity Validation) I’m back to review the latest edition of the generic data access class. In the time between my original series of articles concerning disconnected POCO entities and a generic [...]

Feb 232014
Advanced Twonky Media Server configuration on a Thecus NAS

Introduction As you’ll no doubt recall from my earlier 2012 article, I have a NAS in my home office.  It is a Thecus N5200XXX 5-bay Network Attached Storage device, and it sits on my home gigabit network. The Thecus features an OS which accommodates pluggable “modules”, one of which is a licensed copy of Twonky [...]

Feb 142014

Some exciting news to share – for those interested in pre-releases, the next iteration of the Entity Framework – v6.1.0 has been released as a Beta just recently (Feb 11th, 2014).  For those who are curious about the new features, check out this link or read the summary I’ve copied from that original article, below. [...]

Feb 132014
A lightweight implementation OWIN OAuth for ASP.NET Web Forms using Visual Studio 2013 – Part 3

Introduction In Part 1, we had a brief look at OWIN/OAuth concepts, and then prepared a clean ASP.NET web forms project for integration with NuGet packages essential to supporting a lightweight integration for OAuth handling. In Part 2  we established the information required to authenticate users against the Live Connect OAuth provider, and also established [...]