It has been some time since I last looked at a new iPhone accessory, and at this stage it’s time to look at a new case.  I’ve really been impressed with the lightness and durability of the advanced range of tough waterproof cases, so today we’re taking a close look […]

Review: Ghostek Atomic 2.0 iPhone 6S / 6 Waterproof Tough ...

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Today I attended a Federal Government briefing at the Microsoft offices in Canberra. The agenda covered a wide area of topics, all relevant to Government and other sectors.  These are my raw notes, taken during each session.  I apologise in advance if they appear incoherent; I was put to task […]

Microsoft Federal Government Briefing – September 2016

CRM User Group – Unstructured Notes Noticeboard AppSource – online store built by solution providers, provide domain functionality as add-on CRM Ideas – http://crmideas.dynamics.comA bit like connect, but CRM focused.  Add suggestions; community focused; vote on requests (like connect).  More focus from the product team H2 Release – CRM Roadmap.  […]

Canberra CRM User Group – August 2016

Continuing on from Part 3. After the keynote, we walked back to the MTCC and as my first session was at 11:30-12:30pm, I decided to go directly to the food hall to grab an early lunch.  On the tables were a number of conversation starter cards, although I didn’t have […]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 – Part 4

Following on from Part 2. Editorial note: These keynotes started around 8:45am and ran non-stop until 10:45am, but sometimes went over.  As a result, it’s a lot of content to cover, hence why I’ve been splitting them out into separate articles.  By the time we returned to the MTCC, it […]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 – Part 3

Following on from Part 1 I left off just after the first vision keynote on the first day of the conference.  After the keynote finished, thousands of delegates started walking back to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC).  The initial push seemed to be towards the lowest level of MTCC […]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 – Part 2

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Earlier this month I flew to Toronto, Canada to attend the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.  This was my first time attending a partner conference, and it was quite an experience.  There was far too much content to complete in a single article, so I’ll start with an introduction and […]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 – Part 1

Continuing on from the previous article..  I carefully inserted the PowerEdge M910. So that’s where I left off.  Jumping straight in, I powered up the enclosure to be greeted with errors.  So it turns out that any blade inserted needs its mezzanine cards to be aligned (slotted) to the chassis […]

Preparing for the Azure Stack – Part 2

Yesterday I visited the new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.  The overwhelming size and engineering excellence demanded an article by itself.  Henceforth, I’m continuing to write about my visit to the “classic” Facebook buildings. When we left off, we were waiting for the Gold Shuttle to take us across […]

A visit to Facebook Headquarters – Part 2

Continuing on from my seminal visit to Google and the Computer History Museum yesterday, my tour of Silicon Valley today has taken me to the headquarters of yet another Internet behemoth, Facebook. Facebook is located at Menlo Park, a bit further north from Mountain View, not far south of San […]

A visit to Facebook Headquarters – Part 1

Today I had the opportunity to undertake a tour of parts of Silicon Valley and the Google campus in Mountain View, California.  It’s been a strong desire of mine to travel through the famous heart of the US tech sector, so today’s activities were quite awe inspiring for me, personally. […]

Silicon Valley and the Google Campus

Last year I reviewed a wireless charging clock, which is still performing admirably on my desk.  Unfortunately the iPhone 6 (also obtained last year) does not support Qi wireless charging without some assistance.  Enter the aircharge wireless charging case for the iPhone 6, available from friends of Sanders Technology at […]

Review: aircharge wireless charging case for the iPhone 6

Introduction Those who know me well, know that I can be a bit crazy at times.  Take, for instance, my desire to experiment with the preview of the Microsoft Azure Stack.  Most people, when faced with the minimum specifications required to deploy the stack (2xCPUs, minimum of 12 cores and […]

Preparing for the Azure Stack – Part 1

I’ve been far from prolific this year in getting new articles up onto the site, but not for too much longer.  Here’s a preview of things to come: SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Azure Stack – Part 2, CRM 2016 Spring Refresh, plus, Further looks at Windows Server 2016 and ADFS […]

Articles to come

Hi All, Apologies for the lack of articles recently.  I’ve been up to my usual design & architecture antics, but it’s not always blog worthy.  However, I’m strongly considering publishing some examples of the kinds of architecture and documentation which I build on a regular basis.  That is for another […]

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