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RobThis is the main technology blog written and maintained by Australian Microsoft IT consultant, Rob Sanders.

Rob is a professional IT consultant and certified TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect with over 15 years of commercial IT expertise working for small, medium and large enterprise customers and clients as well as state and federal governments within Australia and internationally.

Of these fifteen years, seven have been served in a professional consultancy capacity, three as a project manager and nine years as an architect and fifteen years in professional software engineering and architecture.


imageIn the past decade, Rob has worked with several large enterprises such as Microsoft (Microsoft Consulting Services – Solutions Development Centre, via Readify) and Visa, as well as many well known businesses in Australia including Optus Telecommunications, Woolworths, Ticketek and the  Queensland Government (Child Services and Youth Justice) to name but a few.

imageRecently engaged at the Office of the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) in Canberra, Rob currently resides in the ACT, Australia where he is a Senior Consultant and Solutions Architect for international technology consultancy firm CGI.

Rob has given detailed technical presentations at many user groups and conferences at venues such as Microsoft TechEd, SQL Code Camp, VanDev Meetup Group, Readify Tech Ready and some corporate events.

Although the majority of Rob’s technical expertise is Microsoft focused, he is considered an “all rounder” with hands-on professional experience in software design and architecture, software development lifecycle (and application lifecycle management), Agile development (MSF), designing network architecture, technical training and presentations, architecture analysis and client/project management.

Rob has previously lived in Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) and also in Vancouver (Canada) and more recently in HangZhou (China).


Rob has been writing technical articles since February, 2005.
In 2012, Rob joined the MVB team at dzone.com.   To read more about me, please review my StackOverflow CV. or my LinkedIn Profile.

Get in touch: rob.sanders@sanderstechnology.com

  4 Responses to “About Rob”

  1. Hi Rob,

    I enjoyed reading your article on the TFS preview, and was amazed to hear that MS has finally set something up on Azure! I myself have been struggling with the setup internally at my office from both a time perspective and a detail perspective (I’m simply too busy with client projects to give the setup the attention it needs right now) and have been searching for a quality online vendor.

    If you have any invites left for the preview, or know where I can get one, I’d greatly appreciate your help. If not, looks like I’ll buckle down one of these nights and redo my setup!


    Keith O’Shea
    Ionia Corp

  2. Hi Rob!
    Could you send me the invitation code for tfspreview?

    Best regards,
    Lucas Bartos

  3. Hey Rob, I noticed your post about our article on the shortcomings of WP7 and wanted to thank you for the clarification of that point. Also, we have some cool programs just getting started and I’d like to show them to you. Send me an email and I can go into more detail. Cheers!

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