About Rob

RobThis is the main technology blog written and maintained by Australian IT consultant, Rob Sanders.

Rob is a proven IT professional with more than 16 years of real-world experience across a diverse cross-section of technical and business environments.

Of these sixteen years, eight have been served in a consultancy capacity, three as a project manager, nine years as an architect and fifteen years in professional software engineering and architecture.


Rob has demonstrated his leadership and management abilities over the past decade, leading teams that have in some cases spanned the globe. He has been involved at all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle, with a particular focus on analysis and delivery.

imageRob has worked with several large enterprises such as Microsoft (Microsoft Consulting Services – Solutions Development Centre, via Readify) and Visa, as well as many well known businesses in Australia including Optus Telecommunications, Woolworths, Ticketek and the  Queensland Government (Child Services and Youth Justice) to name but a few.

1003813_337598929704850_1220368204_aRob currently resides in the ACT, Australia where he is a Principal Consultant for Australian IT consultancy firm RXP Services.

Although much of Rob’s technical expertise is Microsoft focused, he is considered an “all rounder” with hands-on professional experience in software design and architecture, software development lifecycle (and application lifecycle management), Agile development, designing network architecture, technical training and presentations, architecture analysis and client management.

Rob has previously lived in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) and also in Vancouver (Canada) and more recently in HangZhou (China).


Rob has been publishing technical articles online since February, 2005.
In 2012, Rob joined the MVB team at DZone.com.   To read more about Rob, please review his StackOverflow CV. or LinkedIn Profile.

Get in touch: rob.sanders@sanderstechnology.com