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Following on from the last instalment where I looked at supporting PowerShell script development in Visual Studio 2010, I’m going to take a closer look at PowerShell integration with the newer Visual Studio 2012. Again, I’ll be leveraging the excellent Quest PowerGUI product and the associated Visual Studio extension. Installation […]

PowerShell and Visual Studio 2012

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Recently, I had to authenticate to Team Foundation Server using an account with greater permissions to perform some administrative tasks.  As you may know, this requires entering alternate credentials when you add the server to the list of TFS servers, or when you need to connect to the server.  Once […]

Using different credentials to connect to Team Foundation Server

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Overview The recently released Windows 8 operating system contained support for an interesting approach to running your operating system – off an external bootable device.  This article will show you how to boot your operating system using an external USB drive. If you’re not sure what Windows To Go is […]

Creating a Windows To Go bootable USB operating system

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The series so far: Part 1 – Setting up TFS Azure Part 2 – Configuring Visual Studio to use TFS Azure Part 3 – Registering Team Build controllers for TFS Azure Part 4 – Builds in the Cloud (this article) Introduction Following on from an earlier series of articles on […]

Team Foundation Server in the Cloud (Part 4): Builds in ...

Came across this recently: “ExecutionEngineException occurs during Garbage Collection“ and the subsequent KB article on  Last year I was finding some random crashes in a couple of .Net 4.0 Windows Service Applications, and this might have been part of the problem. Right, so what does this mean?  Basically there’s […]

Having any intermittent crashes with .Net 4.0 running in x64?