Cloud Computing

In the past few months, the folks at DZone put a call out to their very talented and knowledgeable MVPs to volunteer to develop a comprehensive guide to current Cloud computing options.  Today, I’m happy to write that the FREE guide is now available from  Honestly, researching the right […]

Introducing the DZone definitive guide to Cloud providers

File this one away for further analysis.  Live or delayed (on demand) content delivered via Windows Azure Media Services.  Takes advantage of local CDNs and provides a platform for targeted advertising as well as taking advantage of the Azure cloud capabilities (e.g. caching, high availability, etc.). There’s also a high […]

Windows Azure Media Services

The Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure from the p&p group provides some useful application blocks such as the Transient Fault Handling Application Block and the Windows Azure Scaling Application Block (WASABi). The Transient Fault Handling Application Block can make access to storage in the cloud more resilient to […]

AZR323A – Building Robust Windows Azure Applications

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The series so far: Part 1 – Setting up TFS Azure Part 2 – Configuring Visual Studio to use TFS Azure Part 3 – Registering Team Build controllers for TFS Azure Part 4 – Builds in the Cloud (this article) Introduction Following on from an earlier series of articles on […]

Team Foundation Server in the Cloud (Part 4): Builds in ...

This is part of a series of entries written about Microsoft’s new SQL Azure database service and the Entity Framework v4. Following on from my previous posts (check them out before continuing) – this article assumes you have followed steps outlined in the  previous posts to create various models and […]

A Dynamic Data Website with SQL Azure and the Entity ...