Process Methodology

A category for development process and ALM

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If you’ve spent any amount of time in the IT industry – and particularly in software development – you’ve probably been asked to forecast the effort associated with some kind of work, outcome or deliverable. Software development is tricky as it involves some degree of guess work – requirements can […]

A simple project effort estimation utility

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Introduction Recently I had to determine a universal product versioning syntax for our products and services.   This was done to ensure a level of consistency between projects and products. Depending on the deployment, currently there has been a wildly different format used between products and services.   Given the recent adoption […]

Product Numbering and Branch Management

At the recent architect forum in Sydney I was able to sit in on a round table discussion regarding rapid estimation exercises.   I’m in no way new to the process of estimating implementation time or generating effort forecasts – I’ve done so professionally for the past eight or nine years, an […]

Rapid Estimation