Sep 042013
Previewing the Previews

Introduction Recently, I added some articles about installing and configuring some new pre-release software that Microsoft released earlier in the year.  [ Visual Studio 2013 | Team Foundation Server 2013 ] Now I’m ready to put it all to the test! I know there’s been a lot of build-up, and the previous two articles really [...]

Aug 032013
Introducing and Installing TFS 2013 Preview

Recently, Microsoft released a preview version of their next version of their team development suite, known as Team Foundation Server (TFS). Long time readers of Sanders Technology will know that I’ve a long history with TFS, and I’m genuinely a fan of the platform. Team Foundation Server 2013 breaks from the naming convention used in [...]

Feb 192013
Using different credentials to connect to Team Foundation Server

Recently, I had to authenticate to Team Foundation Server using an account with greater permissions to perform some administrative tasks.  As you may know, this requires entering alternate credentials when you add the server to the list of TFS servers, or when you need to connect to the server.  Once you’ve connected once, you aren’t [...]

Jul 182012
Team Foundation Server in the Cloud (Part 4): Builds in the Cloud

The series so far: Part 1 – Setting up TFS Azure Part 2 – Configuring Visual Studio to use TFS Azure Part 3 – Registering Team Build controllers for TFS Azure Part 4 – Builds in the Cloud (this article) Introduction Following on from an earlier series of articles on TFS Azure comes this update.  [...]