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Windows 10 Technical Preview


Well, it’s been a week of big announcements.  Hot on the heels of finding out the next version of Windows will be Windows 10, Microsoft has today released a new “Technical Preview” of Windows 10, Windows Server and System Center.

Be a part of every step

Join the Windows Insider Program so you can be part of every key moment along the way as we create Windows 10. You’ll get Windows 10 Technical Preview, all the builds as soon as they’re available, and an easy-to-use feedback app.

Naturally, I immediately pulled down an .iso of the Windows Desktop edition (UK English) and have begun running it up in a VM.

There’s a site dedicated to Windows 10 and it’s called the “Windows Insider Program”.  Here’s an extract from the site:

Help us shape the future of Windows

With the Windows Insider Program, you’ll get all the latest Windows preview builds as soon as they’re available. This means you’ll be one of the first to experience the new ideas and concepts we’re building.

In return, we want to know what you think. You’ll get an easy-to-use app to give us your feedback, which will help guide us along the way.

This program is designed exclusively for people who want be involved in the process. So if you want to help us build the best Windows yet, we want you to join us.

My Installation Experience

I’m running this preview version up on my VM server, and for this new VM I’ve configured it with 2 vCPUs (utilizing a hex-core Intel i7 processor), 8096mb of 1600GHz RAM and an initial HDD of 80GB.

Well, I’ve begun the installation process, and so far there’s no noticeable differences.


The installer is the same trusty version we encountered in previous versions, as is the initial boot and configuration process.


After a reboot, we’re loaded into the new Windows..  The experience is the same as with Windows 8.1 and I use custom settings, disabling most options.


Again, you’re forced to use a Microsoft Account and cannot use a local Windows user account.


Once you’re past the bulk of the initial configuration, Windows goes off to configure apps

Initial Experience

Given the configuration, Windows 10 has detected I’m in a Desktop environment, so the first thing loaded is the trusty desktop.  Interestingly, Windows displays a roaming profile wallpaper for my desktop background – maybe it did that in Windows 8.1 but I didn’t notice.


The first thing to do, obviously, is check out the old/new Start Menu:

After a few clicks, I’m prompted for feedback


Searching for installed applications and apps is fast and accurate (predictive matching etc.):


Back to the new Start Menu, I can scroll Windows apps and also install apps which are presumably linked to my Microsoft account (from prior usage in Windows 8.1?):

image image

While we’re speaking of apps, do try out my Aussie Wine Guy and Sanders Technology apps!  Running up a formerly-called-metro app gives us the app hosted in a resizable dialog shell (as advertised):


Double clicking on the “Welcome to Tech Preview” link launches Internet Explorer 11 and navigates to the following location.

image image 

The keyboard combination of Windows key + C still brings up the dreaded charm bar, however right clicking on the Windows icon (start menu) still provides a handy shortcut context menu as an alternative:


Navigating to Settings->PC Info provides us with the following “compliance plate” information:

image image


As it is just past 8:00am local time, I have to go and get ready top shuttle off to work, so I’ll have to leave my Tech Preview experience for a later time.  So far, the preview has delivered on the rumours which have surfaced over the past 12 months.

I’d encourage you to download and participate in the Technical Preview program.  Microsoft has claimed that the removal of the start menu was in reaction to statistics they captured during similar programs in the past, so they obviously take this information very seriously.  If you want a say in the future of the Windows operating system, now’s your chance!

Tomorrow, I’ll take a look at the Windows Server Technical Preview – hopefully they’ve canned the formerly-known-as-Metro screen, which never made sense to me for a server platform.  Enjoy.

IT kickoff and keynote

The IT kickoff session has begun with special guest speaker Jeff Woolsey from the Windows Server & Cloud area from Microsoft.

Jeff outlines the analysis that has gone into Windows Server 2012 in particular the pillars of the platform; datacentre, modern apps, any data and people-centric IT.


“Cloud OS” is being used to describe different capabilities, public/private cloud (virtualisation?) and viewed as one platform. MS leveraging experience with their own data centres in the design of server OS.

350 million mailboxes at Hotmail, 40 million Xbox live users, hundreds of thousands of servers supplying capacity.


Leads to a video of customers talking about Server 2012.…

Tenants of Windows Server 2012: scaleable, shared, always up/on with automated service. Bonus tip for IT Pros: use powershell to script tasks.

This leads into a discussion about Windows Server 2012’s Enterprise performance capabilities.

Particular focus on File Server edition, ‘shared nothing migration’ of Hyper-V VMs, automated cluster updates, IIS 8 and the latest .Net Framework.

Videos feature a lot of people opening server racks interspersed with customer sound bytes.. A large-Ish IT pro guy walks the corridors of a datacentre.

Bit of a plug for IIS 8, lots of people staring at screens.… voice over is a bit redundant.

Jeff’s back.. Talking data. ‘complete data platform’ from structured to unstructured (Excel to SQL to Hadoop). Bit fast, need more details, seem to be skipping to the last pillar : People centric IT

Time for a…


Talking about applying a security policy for attaching remote devices. Seems the remote application is a bit like Citrix?

Demo of the dynamic expansion of running Hyper-V, a bit more beating the PowerShell drum.. Demo shows updating virtual processors beyond 4, but VM not running…?

Uses SMB file shares for SQL filegroups, but is this really new? Could mount the files on an NFS mount? Seems the SMB can be managed at runtime, so maybe…

Explaining Storage Pools – seems to solve uptime storage config problems:


Demo continues…. Explaining ‘no shared migration’ with no downtime.. Demo of deployment of a VM into Azure hosted environment:

Session continues as Jeff resumes. Talks about fast track solutions. Plug for certification? There’s a lot to learn in the new platform, that’s for sure.

CLOUD OS. Jeff’s concluded.

Stay tuned for the Keynote.…